Testfire Labs
Meet The Team | 1 min read

Paul Vaillant, CTO at Testfire Labs

Paul came to Testfire Labs from Distributelthe national, independent telecommunications provider, where he was principal architect for more than five years. Paul previously worked with Dave DamerTestfire's chief executive and founder, at the communications services company ThinkTel, now the business services division of DistributelDamer founded ThinkTel in 2003. 

Paul brings to Testfire his more than 15 years of experience running technical teams, and is responsible for implementing new technologies, supervising system infrastructure, assuring system integrity, security and privacy for users, and monitoring performance and budget. 

According to Paul, "the future lies in AI; what it will allow us to do tomorrow will seem like magic today. Testfire Labs works directly in this exciting forefront of technology, always looking for new ways to apply it to interesting real-world business productivity problems."

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