Testfire Labs

Dave Damer, Founder & CEO at Testfire Labs

Dave Damer is a computer engineer and technology entrepreneur who has been working to drive innovation in business communication and management for over 25 years. With an innate ability to identify where technology can enable beneficial business transformation, Dave’s latest company is Testfire Labs.

Testfire Labs ("Testfire") uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to build productivity solutions that modernize the way people work, so they can achieve more, faster. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Edmonton, AB, Testfire has received seed funding from Iris Technologies Inc. and various private investors, and was selected as a top startup to watch by Startup Edmonton. 

Testfire's flagship product, Hendrix.ai, is a natural-language artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that attends meetings, captures notes, action items and data points, and uses machine learning to then identify potential workplace bottlenecks, areas for collaboration, delivering insights into organizational productivity.  

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